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  • "Excellent experience from front desk to dental care to scheduling any follow-up."
    Kent B.
  • "Extremely impressed, very well taken care of, got the job done and then actually called me the following day to see how I was doing. Never had this happen in any other dental office; it was a great experience. I recommend them highly."
    Randy T
  • "Routine cleaning, no wait. Socorro the the best! Friendly staff and very clean environment."
    Elia V.
  • "What can I say, "I LOVE MY DENTIST"! Yes, I love coming to the dentist. It is not just any dental office, its Dr. Potts' dental office. The staff are superb, and not to mention their hygienist is exceptional. I never knew how a good cleaning was suppose to be until I came to Dr. Potts' office."
    Rosa C.
  • "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a group of dedicated professionals! Dr. Michael Potts saved a tooth that was in seriously bad shape. Its been over a year now and the implant is in great shape. Dr. Derek Potts and Irma, his assistant, worked on two crowns. I felt no pain and they both kept me laughing though the dental experience making me feel welcome and comfortable. I cannot Thank the whole office team enough for making my dental experience a good one. I will be back! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Paul V.
  • "I am a bit of a stickler when it comes to dentists. Each city I move to I have to find a dentist and after much research, trial and error, I end up getting what I expect...great customer service, top notch cleaning and the latest equipment and services. Potts Dental is 5 stars in all of these. I tried 3 dentists in the Camarillo area since moving here and was not satisfied in 1 or more categories. Someone referred me to Potts Dental and now I have found the best dental office around. I did not g"
  • "I had a very good experience at Potts Dental. I had quite a bit of work to be done, including dental implants, and received excellent results. Dr. Michael Potts is skilled and professional while maintaining a warm demeanor. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
    Sheri D.
  • "After years of bad dentists I have finally found the dentist I am going to stay with forever! I have had work done by all three Dr. Potts but use Derek Potts most frequently. The work done here is second to none. They are honest and tell you what do and don't need. I had nothing but problems with my last dentist. With just 2 visits Dr. Derek Potts was able to fix all the mistakes my last dentist made at a fraction of the cost. I even got a filling without having to be numbed and it didn't hurt!!"
    Paul D.
  • "This is one of the best dental offices I've been to. The staff is amazing. Socorro, one of the dental hygienist, does an excellent job. She's very thorough and knows what she's doing. Dr Derek is the only dentist that has treated me there but he's very good. He's very gentle, which I like. I've had other dentists just maneuver your head & mouth around like a toy which is super annoying. Dr Derek is very professional and is very good about explaining treatments, letting you know what's going on i"
    Lin M.

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